Quadrant - contract carpets

WORKING as a secondary entrance mat or high-traffic carpet tile, Defender CT is apparently Quadrant’s answer to dual-role functionality.

‘A carpet tile that features a unique monofilament scraper to deal with the moisture and dirt that primary matting misses, Defender CT is a great way to make sure that dirt and moisture are stopped before they can damage high-style floors used in receptions, offices, congregation areas, breakouts and work spaces,’ says the company.

Made with 100% Econyl nylon yarn regenerated from fishing nets, Defender CT can also function as a carpet tile in high-wear areas such as main corridors on multiple-occupancy buildings, or as a workman floor for rented office spaces. ‘Withstanding wear and stain- and fade-resistant, this is one tough loop-pile carpet tile,’ the company says.

James Scully, managing director, comments: ‘Defender CT is primarily designed as a secondary mat, with a monofilament scraper that deals with dirt and moisture. But in a range of powerful plain colours, including orange, red, yellow and teal, as well as the usual charcoals and blue; it also makes a really practical, lasting solution to really demanding applications, such as communal spaces between rented offices.’

Designed and made in Europe, Defender CT features a modified bitumen back for ‘lasting stability’. Working with carpet tiles, loose lay vinyl and woven vinyl from Quadrant, Defender CT can form a floor solution that improves the design, function and sustainability of a space, says Quadrant.
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