Quadrant’s Core Collection

QUADRANT has transformed its in-stock Core Collection of carpet tiles, bringing a functional palette designed to work alongside its feature carpets, Ntgrate woven vinyl and Salto looselay vinyl collections.

Elements, Balance and Synergy have been at the heart of Quadrant for some time, delivering in projects wanting a carpet tile that delivers ‘exceptional performance and a balanced aesthetic’.

Made in the UK in a dense 12th gauge construction from premium branded nylons, these styles have become modern classics in their own right.

With refocused colour palettes, the Core Collection is now a great way to bring what is described as sophisticated style to work areas, allowing feature products to breathe spirit into breakout spaces, boardrooms, receptions, congregation areas and thoroughfares.

The subtle multi-level Antron loop pile of Elements has been reinvented with six timeless greys, while the distressed linear motif of Synergy, again in Antron yarn, is now available in three tonal grey colourways.
Rounding out the update, Balance has been re-engineered in 100% recycled Econyl fibre, its metallic accents and ‘eroded’ texture again available in three new tonal grey combinations.

Peter De Kisshazy, sales director, explains this new direction for the Core Collection: ‘Designers have changed how they perceive flooring’s role in the spaces they design and it’s now common to find materials changing according to function, or to alter the feel of an area by juxtaposition.

‘Quadrant has certainly recognised this shift; first with Salto LVT and more recently Ntgrate woven vinyl and high-style carpet collections, but it’s still important to hold it all together and the Core Collection does exactly this.

‘A pared-back, ultra-usable palette of greys bond feature floors together in contrast or complement, yet equally hold up in their own right with a sophisticated and mature look in work spaces.

‘With the updated Core Collection, Salto, Ntgrate and statement carpets now available from Quadrant, designers can unlock a multi-material floor layout from a collection that has been thoughtfully put together.

‘Of course, the Core Collection is also great for use on its own; Balance, Synergy and Elements used together to create dynamic and fluid layouts in sophisticated grey tonal combinations that bring elegance to any work space.’
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