Quantum Pro-Tread

QUANTUM Profile Systems says it’s built ‘a great reputation as one of the UK’s leading flooring solution specialists, providing a consistently high standard of technical excellence for more than 50 years’.

Its stair-nosings have been specified in thousands of installations making it, it claims, one of the nation’s most trusted brands. Now, it says, it’s announcing an ‘exciting new product launch which is set to create a new benchmark for pedestrian safety: Quantum Pro-Tread’.

The result of what Quantum describes as extensive research, development and independent laboratory testing, new Quantum Pro-Tread is said to offer a higher degree of traction than ever before.

‘The PVC tread material utilises mineral aggregate technology to increase surface roughness, but not only on the top layer – the active ingredient is embedded throughout the entire depth of Quantum Pro-Tread meaning optimum traction is assured, year-in, year-out,’ says Quantum.

‘Pro-Tread’s excellent Pendulum Test Value (PTV) in wet or dry conditions offers substantive proof of its superior performance, providing the surest footing possible for staircase users in one of the highest risk areas that pedestrians will ever encounter in offices, schools, hospitals, retail outlets and leisure centres.’

What’s more, the company adds, new Quantum Pro-Tread ‘is the only product of its type available to distributors the very next day, and in a choice of six new colours; Carbon, Platinum, Hornet, Sand, Ruby and Aqua – each backed by a 10-year guarantee’.

‘If you need to specify stair-nosings for any industrial, public or commercial situation, new Quantum Pro-Tread is the fastest way to ensure grip integrity is never compromised,’ the company concludes.
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