Rawson - flooring in retail and shopping areas

EVERY commercial building requires an entrance floor system, to provide a cleaning and drying surface to foot traffic, before walking on the chosen interior floor.
This is never more evident than with retail shops and stores where many customers walk straight in from the high street.

‘With years of experience, the broad range of products offered by Rawson Carpet Solutions will fulfil the primary and secondary barrier matting requirements for your facility,’ says the company.

‘Rawson offers three distinct entrance solutions which come in a choice of suited colours. Indeed, entrance solutions can be complemented with accurate inlay service where the opportunity to apply individual branding is best served.

‘Rawson Carpet Solutions offers proven primary barrier systems and after so many years of providing this type of flooring, you can trust the product to fulfil its purpose and be durable.’

The company says it can be contacted for a new brochure showing its full product range of entrance flooring along with the new designs in Solution Dyed Nylon which will complement your store. ‘Rawson has a solution for your soft flooring requirements and our team of experienced helpful staff are there to help.’
07825 362109