Refurbishment - Gradus

WHEN refurbishing commercial offices, it pays dividends to choose a supplier that offers a complete package of interior products and end-to-end services. High-quality products are essential – from barrier matting to premium carpets, stair-edgings and floor trims to wall protection that creates a welcoming reception area for visitors.

However, it’s also vital suppliers provide expert advice about how these products can best be applied to your project.

‘We offer support services to ensure this,’ says Gradus. ‘Before you begin, consider our flexible and informative Gradus Knowledge seminars for expert face-to-face consultations on how we can best meet your specific project requirements.

‘Alternatively, our specialist design service will consider your case in detail. Our team will provide you with detailed floor plans, product recommendations, and a full conceptual approach for how to make your project a success.

‘Our 50 years of specifying contract interior solutions for commercial offices have given us the necessary experience to provide you with the full service – from design, to delivery, to installation.’
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