Removing old, problematic adhesives

THE Preparation Group, which describes itself as an expert in preparing, polishing and cleaning surfaces, says it has a solution for removing old, problematic floor adhesives and other sticky substances in the form of polycrystalline diamonds (PCDs), that attach to a hand grinder or walk-behind grinding machine.

Traditional grinding methods tend to generate surface heat, rendering the surface residue softer and stickier, but PCDs are designed to scrape rather than grind to efficiently ‘scrape’ the material. They reportedly generate less heat, so cutting edges remain clear.

PCDs are available to remove thin or thick adhesives and in disc, shoe or plate format to fit a 5in or 9in hand-grinder, the STG450 machine, 180 and 250 grinders and machines with plates that hold standard grinding shoes.

They’re also said to be interchangeable with regular grinding shoes so in this way, a floor can be cleared of adhesives using the PCDs, and then the cup discs fixed to the plate ready for grinding. To save time, the PCDs can be left attached ‘in the background’.

The Preparation Group’s PCD accessories have many additional uses over-and-above adhesive removal, including the removal of other soft thick materials from latex, screeds and certain asphalts.
Says Tracey Glew, managing director: ‘An example of PCDs in use is when a customer was presented with 50sq m of thick combed white adhesive that needed to be removed to install a DPM and leveling compound.

‘He needed a process that would smooth and clean the surface. We recommended a triple tooth PCD plate attached to his STG450 machine and the material was quickly and effectively removed.’
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