Resdev - Industrial Strength

DESCRIBING itself as an established world leader in resin flooring technology, Resdev supplies a global market ‘with a comprehensive range of high performance polyurethane and epoxy industrial flooring systems, now exporting to more than 35 countries worldwide’.

Resdev says its comprehensive range of high performance resin flooring systems utilise epoxy and polyurethane formulations to provide optimum choice of finish and performance for customers.  

‘Our Pumaflor and Pumadur brand names offer products ranging from floor seals through to heavy-duty flow-applied systems, for applications ranging from factories and warehouses through to clean rooms and galleries,’ says Resdev.

‘The products cater for such criteria as decorative requirements, a seamless finish, ease of cleaning and hygiene. All installations are carried out by trained and approved contractors.’

Resdev says it remains a guiding force behind many of the key technological advances in this challenging industry. The company is also one of the founder members of FeRFA, which exclusively represents manufacturers and installers of resin floors.

‘Now widely accepted as the industry standard in terms of performance, quality and technical support, Resdev continues to expand and develop its product range to meet the needs of industry worldwide, manufacturing leading edge flooring materials providing the optimum in quality and appearance.’
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