Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital and Forbo

SYMBOLIC of the outside world, the colour green surrounds us. It’s the shade of plants, trees, grass and nature in general – and for this reason is one of the first colours we recognise as children.

Colour psychology research has shown the colour green relates to balance, harmony and growth and ultimately creates equilibrium between the head and the heart [1].

What’s more, green is very much on-trend for 2017, with Pantone voting Greenery as its colour of the year, describing it as a refreshing and revitalising shade, symbolic of new beginnings [2].

With this in mind, when creating the interior at Royal Aberdeen Children’s hospital, the colour green played a major part.

After extensive colour research, Tinto Architecture specified Forbo Flooring Systems’ acoustic floor covering, Sarlon, in a palette predominantly consisting of greens and blues to create an interior that is said to have had a profoundly positive effect on patients and staff.

With nature very much at the forefront of the architect’s minds, a large tree structure was created as the centrepiece of the hospital ward. Tinto Architecture decided to use green tones to link with the beautiful new hospital garden and reflect its calming nature.

As green is a reassuring colour, signifying harmony and balance, they knew it would work well in this area for hospital visitors, who are often facing tough times.

Forbo’s Sarlon in the Avocado and Lime colourways were used in the centre of the waiting room, bordered with a blue shade. Thought to invoke a sense of trust, the colours were chosen to add to the serene atmosphere of the room.

In short, green is calming, stress-relieving, and paradoxically – invigorating, making it suitable for so many indoor environments.
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