S1 range from Norcros Adhesives

SYNTHETIC polymer fibres are now being brought into the development of ceramic tile adhesives and floor preparation products. These technological innovations lie behind the ‘advanced range of tiling adhesives and levelling products on the market today’ – the S1 range from Norcros Adhesives.

The technology behind the range is reinforced polymer technology (RPT) – viewed as the next stage in the evolution of tiling adhesives. Norcros Adhesives has designed the reportedly premium formulations in its new RPT range to provide what the company claims is the most advanced bond ever.

‘It’s a unique development which pushes the boundaries of fibre-reinforced adhesive technology further than ever previously,’ the company says.

‘From the tile fixer’s point of view, the main benefit gained from the incorporation of RPT is that polymer strands in the adhesive create reinforced flexural and bond strength.

‘They also provide enhanced crack bridging, anti-shrinkage and thermal ageing properties. The fibres provide reinforcement and the main source of strength, while the matrix ‘glues’ all the fibres together in shape and transfers stresses between them.

‘Fibre reinforcement adds rigidity and greatly impedes crack propagation in the composite material.’
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