Safeguard Europe floor coatings

A COMPANION to the similar Drybase ECS Epoxy Floor Coating, Drybase ECS chemical-resistant Epoxy Floor Coating from Safeguard Europe is what’s claimed to be a highly durable damp-proof epoxy coating for floors and walls with enhanced resistance to chemical attack.

A two-part water-dispersed epoxy resin, it’s applied in two coats using a brush or roller. Once cured, the coating is hardwearing, dampproof and is resistant to a large range of different chemicals. Typical applications for Drybase ECS Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating would be bund floors and walls; laboratory floors and walls; specialist warehouse and storage areas and specialist factory and production facilities.

Water-based and reportedly low odour, Drybase ECS Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating consists of a pigmented base resin component and a water-dispersed hardener component.

Appearance of the surface finish will reflect the texture and nature of the substrate and, when applied, contact surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and provide a ‘light’ mechanical key.

A black resinous material, Drybase ECS Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating comes in 5kg packs, with one pack delivering one-coat coverage (two-coat application is standard) of up to 30sq m.

The Drybase Damp-Proof Coatings range from Safeguard Europe is designed for use when it’s not possible to protect building materials and interior surfaces from the sources of dampness, like rain penetration or rising damp.

A collection of damp-proof coverings, coatings and membranes, the range aims to provide solutions to a range of dampness issues, whether in small residential properties through to larger industrial facilities.
The support and know-how they offer is extended to contractors, specifiers and property owners and includes technical advice, specification help, research and even in-house laboratory analysis of plaster and masonry.