Schluter - Profiles and trims

SCHLUTER-SYSTEMS says Schlüter-DILEX is one of its longest-established product ranges, first entering the market in 1985. Since its launch, says the company, this collection of movement joints has developed a reputation for quality and reliability, becoming one of the product ranges most closely associated with the Schlüter brand.

Over its 30-year history, the DILEX range has expanded to include four different types of movement joint profile:

  • Connection – Joints placed in the screed and the covering at construction elements such as window openings, doorframes, shower trays and bath tubs
  • Perimeter – Joints placed in the screed and covering along walls and construction elements that penetrate the screed, such as columns
  • Structural – Joints required for static or engineering reasons, which divide a building into various movement segments
  • Intermediate – Joints that create a pattern of limited fields in large areas of screed and covering

‘The DILEX range works in tandem with the Schlüter-Ditra range of uncoupling membranes to provide a complete system solution for crack-free installations of tile and stone, while DILEX joints manage the interactions between fields of tile, the Ditra membranes are employed to dispel tension in the relationship between the covering and the substrate,’ says the company. ‘This results in all-encompassing protection for tile and stone installations.’

DILEX movement joints are available in various materials, including aluminium, anodised aluminium, two grades of stainless-steel and PVC. 2017 saw the release of cove-shaped internal wall corner profile DILEX-AHK in three of the on-trend textured finishes of the Schlüter-TRENDLINE range, allowing for greater visual flow from wall to floor.

New movement joint developments at Cersaie 2018
Among the various announcements at Cersaie 2018 were two advances for the DILEX range:

- New additions of Crème, Dark Anthracite, Joint Grey and Stone Grey add further depth to the range of colours available for the inserts of DILEX profiles.

Bringing the total of options available to eight, the new insert colours reportedly allow customers to achieve even closer matches to their chosen tile or stone, ‘making Schlüter’s already discreetly designed movement joints even more inconspicuous within an installation’.

- The release of a cross connector insert for some of the most popular joints in the DILEX range – intermediate joint DILEX-KS and structural joints DILEX-KSBT20 & DILEX-KSBT30. This new item apparently allows for neater and more uniform handling of the intersections between perpendicular movement joints.

Schlüter-Systems’ range of movement joints ‘continues to go from strength-to-strength, offering an ever-increasing range of options to complement tile and stone’, says the company.
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