Shaw Contract - blue flooring

UNDERPINNING the design of Shaw Contract’s flooring collections is its colour trend forecast, compiled by the Global Design team, says the company.

‘The latest, called Colour Connect, provides a snapshot into the global colour trends currently having an impact, and focuses on how we use design to connect with our communities, the earth and ourselves - all through the lens of colour. And in each of the forecast’s four palettes, blue tones are featured.  

‘One of the most popular colours when specifying carpet tile, blue works well in many commercial interiors. In our new Kindred carpet tile collection, two blue tones - ‘comfort’ and ‘serene’ have been included.

‘Designed to support global specification, Kindred is a carpet tile collection which translates and resonates across cultures and continents. Manufactured in the UK and in Shaw Contract facilities in the US and China, with this collection designers can create a cohesive experience across destinations.’

The company continues: ‘For Shaw Contract’s award-winning tile collection Inside Shapes, Swedish design firm Form Us with Love were inspired by the environment around them in Sweden for the colour palette chosen.

‘Warm to cool, the palette includes light and dark tones and here for the blue tones the inspiration was the wonderful reflective qualities of glass. In this Collection which includes four different shapes, the blue tones work together beautifully, or as part of a cool colours pre-mixed option.’
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