Softare - Computers for Flooring

COMPUTERS for Flooring says it offers a turn key, cloud-based system built to cater for all contract flooring requirements.  

The company states: ‘We understand the commercial/contract client is a different animal to your residential customer.  A demand for discounts with tight profit margins or failing to adhere to timescales or deadlines could be the difference between making money or giving it away.

‘Our system, Carman, allows companies to stay on top of all business activity in one place. Accounts can be collated within the system and exported to any recognised accounting package, giving a business peace of mind and adhering to any changes HMRC and MTD demand.’

Computers for Flooring says these are the features and benefits that Carman can offer:

Carman allows you to generate a full bill of quantities quotation in a format to suit your clients request.  

It reportedly provides accurate real time data including labour and material cost.  

Carman can generate application for payments directly from the bill of quantities and tracks applications to date, payments received and overdue payments.  

Existing measuring and take off software can reportedly be integrated with Carman allowing you to import a bill of quantities directly to Carman.

It’s said to take the manual process and human error away from building a quotation. Users can build a template for each type of floorcovering and then just pick the surface.

The company can upload a catalogue of products into Carman, the user decides what price you buy and sell it for.

It’s possible to manage fitters with Carman’s fully integrated diary.  Know fitter and staff movements at a glance with a colour coded interactive diary and easily change fitter’s movements on the go.

Fitters just need a digital diary, authority is shared with the ability to synchronise between Carman, Outlook and other digital calendars.

Communicate more efficiently, send a quote or invoice and follow it up with an SMS. Notify clients of fit dates and who to expect.

Let clients know exactly where they are with monies outstanding.

It’s reportedly accessible from any device anywhere in the world with an internet connection.