Software - Callidus

GONE are the days when contractors simply had to quantify areas in a 50cm tile as designers and architects are now combining different colours and shapes to create a wide range of interlocking pattern designs and today's contractor needs efficient tools to work with these new and more interesting materials.

To cater for these demands the Callidus floor planning software has been updated to incorporate reportedly flexible and powerful tile layouts. In addition to using standard square and rectangular tiles designs estimates can incorporate hexagonal shapes and other irregular shapes such as the Bolon range. Callidus says designs of any complexity can be created, automatically applied over any floor area to show the final layout and generate all the estimating quantities.

TileScript designs are either typed directly into Callidus or via a graphical designer and as many designs are prebuilt into the system, it is said to be very easy to work with even the most complex layouts. Callidus provides an online library of pre-assembled grids allowing users to copy and paste grids into their own Callidus material specification. Once the TileScript grid has been defined Callidus will use this to generate all the tiles needed to cover the entire floor.

Developed over the last few years these new Callidus tools have reportedly been in constant use at a major tile design company resulting in a ‘huge boost in productivity, increased confidence in estimating quantities and new business secured as customers are shown exactly how the final floor will appear’.

Callidus says since 1991 it has been the leading software system for the commercial flooring industry and back then the ability just to quantify simple square tiles was actually quite revolutionary. Over the last quarter century, the company has continually developed its system in response to the ever-changing demands of flooring installations and TileScript reportedly opens up a wide range of interesting and innovative possibilities for today's flooring companies.

Existing Callidus users can already update to the latest version and use the TileScript facility (advanced tile planning module required).
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