Software - Floorswitch

FLOORSWITCH is an augmented reality mobile application that gives customers and retailers the ability to visualise flooring products in their homes or showrooms, in real time.

Companies can reportedly create a personal and interactive experience to help ease buyer uncertainty and drive profit through consumer satisfaction with the help of Floorswitch.

Floorswitch’s augmented reality allows for pre-purchase testing of flooring products.

Customers will reportedly be able to experience an identical replica of your products in the comfort of their own home.

Floorswitch says it has never before been possible to view a complete floor prior to purchase.
‘We care about your product!’ the company says. The customer will only ever see what Floorswitch describes as a like for like high-quality version of the product. No blurry images, only identical scans of the real life textures.

Reportedly accurate scaling of textures allows the customer to view your products as if they were physically installed. Floorswitch is said to eliminate customer doubt from the purchasing process. This results in higher conversion rates, the company says.

Customers using augmented reality to view products are said to perceive them to have higher value. This reportedly helps the customer build a personal investment with your product.

Floorswitch says its secure network infrastructure offers ‘infinite scaling capacity’. The company says this means it can store your entire catalogue of product imagery – 10 or 100,000 SKU’s ‘without breaking a sweat’.
Each one of these resolution images can reportedly be categorised, labelled and pushed to your app in a matter of seconds.

The system is said to operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Users have full access - anytime, anyplace - to the content of the app. You are in complete control of what your customers see.

New range released? No problem. Floorswitch says it can have your new colours into thousands of customers homes in a matter of seconds.
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