Software - MasterPiece

MASTERPIECE has unique strengths and features which make it a valuable productivity tool for contracts and commercial work, the company says. It is also said to be the system of choice for new build specialists. Using MasterPiece, time can reportedly be saved both bidding for the project and in the delivery after a successful bid. In particular, the company argues, time is saved:

  • in the take-off from the PDF floor plans
    from having the cutting plans automatically generated
  • in re-plans based for yet another permutation of what material will go
  • in which room
  • in re-plans for delivery of the project in stages, ordering just enough carpet for each stage
  • in the onsite check measure using a tablet, to ensure the building conforms to plan.

In addition to the time saving, the user’s bid competitiveness is enhanced by an auto-planner which is said minimise wastage across multiple whole rolls of material. At project delivery time the MasterPiece autoplanner can be instructed to use efficiently part rolls that the supplier may have available at a discount.

MasterPiece supports take-off by tracing rounds shapes from an imported PDF floor plan. If the tracing of a room is imperfect at first attempt, the shape can be perfected by drag and drop. There is a fast tracing feature for rectangular rooms.

A strength of MasterPiece is its ability to create stairways and other features that cannot be directly taken off from the floor plan; the user can reportedly capture stair width from the PDF and then use the freehand stairways tools as used for retail work. A full set of stairway components, winders, bullnoses, ½ and ¼ landing etc are available to build the stairway.

Another MasterPiece strength is the ability to handle many permutations all within the same job. If plans have been generated which have dry areas in a carpet and wet areas in roll vinyl, each area requires its own cutting plan.

Now there is another permutation to address which has particular rooms in, for example, LVT or a different carpet. This new permutation can be created and have its plans created without disturbing the original permutation or its plans. This avoids having to have multiple copies of a project, which can rapidly lead to confusion and mistakes.

There is an optional module available which has the ability to hold a particular organisation’s product and pricing, either just for ancillaries and labour charges or for the materials as well. This enables particulars to be assigned to the project either in support of creating a quality fitting sheet or also to generate a quote. Where plots from particular sites are being quoted for, this module provides a record and audit trail of what was quoted for each.

Additionally, MasterPiece supports LVT product sets such as Karndean and Amtico; these are reportedly kept up to date both as regards tile size, packs sizes and available layout designs. For organisations which deal with projects involving border work, for instance, this will be an important module to include.
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