Software - RFMS

HOW many times have mistakes been made because the estimator cannot read the writing of the salesman in the store or the fitter misinterpreting what the estimator has written or drawn?

These mistakes can be costly and more importantly may create customer service issues.

Would it not be better if everyone was working off the same documents but with a clear and professional auditable process?

RFMS says this is what it provides, with cloud-based documents meaning the estimators and fitters do not need to come in and ask what those badly written figures actually mean.

A quote can be produced in store, based on a rough costing using information provided by the customer and local knowledge. The customer signs the quote and pays a deposit.

This quote is allocated to an estimator by placing the quote into the estimator’s cloud folder. It will include text and product information. (Line prices can be hidden on the quote)

RFMS says the estimator will then immediately have access to the quote and can visit the customer to measure and plan. The plan is created and the revised figures from the plan are automatically used to update the quote. The customer signs the quote and may make a balance payment to the estimator (or arrange to go to the store).

The store has full visibility of the plans and, once payment has been received, emails the worksheet pdf to the fitter.

The fitter reportedly has a full worksheet sent to him along with the products required, the cut-plan, the seam-plan and any photographs deemed appropriate to the install.

The company says it is always up-to-date with the latest situation and has a copy of all the emails.