Software - Tramex

TRAMEX Meters has just launched an app and DataLogging system. The Tramex feedback app and DataLoggers have reportedly been designed and developed for flooring professionals who depend on accurate, reliable readings using ‘the very best, state of the art technology’. The feedback app, which is free to download for mobile devices, is said to be very intuitive. Tramex says set up and navigation are simple and the app is packed with innovative and highly useful features, including:

Logging of ambient and in-situ measurements of Relative Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point, GPK & more.

Creation of charts, photographs and project files that can be visualised in the App and exported into reports as CSV or JPG files.

Storage of up to 100,000 data point entries.

Used to perform BS8201 & 8203 / ASTM F2170 moisture testing for flooring.

Continuous logging for over a year on one battery life.

Bluetooth connectivity to your IOS or Android smartphone or tablet up to 50 meters.

The Tramex feedback DataLogger is a tool for monitoring and recording the ambient conditions over the course of the drying stage of the floor, during the moisture testing period and right up to the installation of the floor.

Having downloaded the feedback app the setting up process is reportedly easy to do. The app can connect to a number of different DataLogger devices at once if necessary. These are displayed on the app main screen, with the basic live readings visible for each device. From here the user can select the device they would like to connect to for further data analysis, producing charts and organising project files.

A camera function also allows the user to take a snap shot of the site location with the selected device’s RH and temperature data said to be visible within the image. The image can also be incorporated into the report file to be exported.

The DataLogger and app can be used with both BS-8201 & 8203 in-situ and hygrohood humidity testing methods when connected to the Tramex Hygro-i2 sensors being used.

Once connected to a chosen device, the stored data can be uploaded from the DataLogger to the App. Live and logged readings of RH, temperature, dew-point and GPK from both the ambient sensor and the external sensor, either in-situ within the concrete or hygrohood, can be viewed. Colour-coded charts are available within the app to depict the logged data over time, and these charts can be zoomed in or out by changing the logging interval presentation. This allows the user to clearly illustrate an overview of the complete logging period or focus on a particular time within the logging period. Reports can be given the title of the job site or room under test.

The feedback DataLogger App is particularly useful, Tramex says, during the British Standard RH hood test to show that equilibrium has been reached. The length of time required for the airspace inside the box to achieve equilibrium with the slab or screed depends on its thickness and whether a screed is bonded to the subfloor or not. Once the hygrohood has been left to equilibrate for the required time, British Standards recommend that two readings are taken at 4 hour intervals, and equilibrium may be assumed when two consecutive readings taken at 4hr intervals show no change. A small change in ambient temperature will have a dramatic effect on the readings, destabilizing the fine balance of equilibrium inside the box and sending the RH reading up or down depending on the temperature change. The reason for taking subsequent readings four hours apart is to ensure that the recorded reading is taken during a period of equilibrium. The feedback DataLogger and app allow you to check and prove when this equilibrium has been achieved without you having to necessarily be on-site throughout the process. You will have the charted documentation to demonstrate that you have performed the BS-8201 test to the standard having left the hygrohood in-situ for the appropriate time and met the required 4 hour interval equilibrium stability check.