Stepping up the style

WITH trends changing so rapidly, it’s often hard for contractors to stay clued up on all the design options available, while still ensuring these designs offer long-lasting durability and high quality for clients.

With the style of flooring selected for a project often making or breaking a final design, it’s vital contractors keep up-to-date with the latest trend-led flooring options, and choose a reputable brand that can offer style and substance for upcoming projects.

Unlike fashion trends, flooring designs need to last, so a key consideration for contractors is to select a design that suits the overall look and feel of a project; whether it be a simplistic modern application, or a more traditional setting.

Atkinson & Kirby has worked with trend forecasters to help identify the latest key trends: Homeland, Modern Revival, Winter Desert and Organic Future, suitable for a range of applications. By understanding these key trends, contractors can ensure they meet the height of the style stakes with carefully considered flooring collections.

The first trend to note is Homeland, which is all about embracing the utilitarian history of World War I and combining it with a contemporary feel. A key takeaway from this trend is the idea of solid functionality, picking out natural, handmade elements to create a stripped back look.

Steering towards a softer take on the industrial look, the Homeland trend focuses on a natural theme with its deep tones and textures, alongside a strong colour palette.

Flooring is mid- to dark-toned wooden boards, which can be softened with slouchy furnishings, curved edges and accents of brass.

The Parquet Collection by Atkinson & Kirby fits perfectly with the Homeland trend, selecting the best of the classic parquet design, whilst seamlessly giving it a 21st century update. The deep toned dark wood accents of the collection fits seamlessly with this trend, helping add a touch of luxury to a project, while offsetting perfectly with a light interior colour palette.

For contractors looking to create a bespoke finish to a project, parquet designs also allow for a mix and match of colours, reflecting the traditional style that was popular many centuries ago.

Parquet flooring is also synonymous with the second trend that’s set to make a mark this year: Modern Revival. This trend is about taking the best styles of the early 20th century, and adding a contemporary twist to create a glamorous and romantic design, that’s still in keeping with a sense of simplicity and strength.

A key word for this trend is ‘contrast’, picking out opposing elements to standout at different times to help create a seamless transition throughout the year.

This colour palette oozes classic appeal with deep, dark wood tones as the key focus, adding a timeless element to this trend. Accents of gold and brass can work well to encapsulate the overall feel, which is a perfect solution for smaller spaces to cleverly work with the natural light in the room.

If the dark tones of the Modern Revival trend don’t fit with the desired look for a project, then the Winter Desert trend might be the perfect alternative. With its connections to an ancient, meditative way of living, Winter Desert has an ‘all-natural’ focus, blending culture and comfort as a relief from hectic modern life.

For flooring, earthen natural tones are key, with sandy greys taking the spotlight. The Contemporary collection works effortlessly with the essence of the Winter Desert trend, as it’s characterised by its light greyish tones, in brushed and matt finishes, offering a warm colour palette for designers to work with. These soft, neutral tones work perfectly together to create a great base to build on for specifically selected soft furnishings.

The final trend, ‘Organic Future’, boasts a ‘Utopian Ideal’; focusing on simplicity, while picking up tones of light and clean wood. With an obvious focus on nature and wellbeing, light oak with undertones of white and grey are paramount to promote an essence of relaxation and tranquillity.

A perfect solution for smaller settings, Organic Future can be utilised to create the feeling of space for a project, while still keeping a modern edge that is so popular with many designers.

With various flooring designs and styles available, it’s worthwhile for contractors to spend time keeping updated with the latest flooring trends. By doing this, contractors can ensure they have fluidity from the foundations to furnishings, adding a touch of finesse to every project.

By opting for a high-quality flooring supplier, this also ensures the flooring can cope with years of wear-and-tear, keeping the look of new flooring for years to come.
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Zara Prescott is communications executive at the Archwood Group, which includes Atkinson & Kirby