Stone - Vitra

CARDOSTONE is a new colour-body porcelain collection inspired by the durable Cardoso stone of the Italian Alps. It’s one of several tile ranges from VitrA which derives its inspiration from Natural Stone.
Emulating the natural rock of the mountains, Cardostone reportedly features the quintessential and recognisable white veins of the Cardoso stone.

The tiles are available in natural grey and anthracite colours, as well as in cooler beige and white colour choices. There is also an option with a relief surface. ‘Of all the various options, this creates the most realistic appearance of the original stone’s texture, fully reflecting Cardostone’s powerful nature,’ says the company.

‘Highly anti-slip, easy to clean, and available in thicknesses particularly suitable for exterior use, Cardostone perfectly complements all contemporary installations.’

‘We’re very excited to have Cardostone in our range,’ says Ken Aston, UK & Ireland sales manager at VitrA Tiles. ‘The full range is available for immediate delivery to the UK market and we’re confident it will appeal to customers who are looking for a range which is reminiscent of the beauty of natural mountain stone but also entirely practical.’