Stroolmount solutions

‘YOU plan. You design. You install. You worry about every little detail to ensure it’s perfect. Now you can protect your investment in flooring and furniture with cost-effective ideas from solutions specialist Stroolmount,’ says the company.

Peace of mind protection pays dividends says Stroolmount’s Gill Finch: ‘We save architects, designers and refurbishers thousands in costly repairs, replacements and insurance claims with simple protection solutions costing as little as 1p.’

As well as innovating to solve customer problems, Stroolmount says it’s a one-stop solution shop for these and more:

= Short- and long-term solutions available. Available in bulk for manufacturers, POS retail with own branding also available.

= Furni-Glides: Made with Teflon. Self-adhesive or screw into very heavy furniture so it slides easily across carpet or hard surfaces.

= Quickclick glides: Multi-award-winning long-term solution. Its click-in interchangeable and replacement base glides help protect wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet and tiled floors.

= Self-adhesive felts: Short-term high quality anti-scratch solution to cushion floors from heavy furniture with the added bonus of a strong adhesive.

= Move it pads: Temporary solution so anyone can easily glide heavy furniture across hard floors and carpet like magic. ‘Watch our video online to see how easy it is,’ says Stroolmount.