Tarkett iD Mixonomi

CREATED for architects and designers, iD Mixonomi is a new modular vinyl tile flooring collection that makes custom-made interior atmospheres possible, says Tarkett.

Customers can create custom-made flooring compositions – from the timeless patterns to the most vibrant collages – by mixing colours and shapes with multiple combination possibilities, the company adds.

Tarkett says it strives to have an innovative approach to interior decoration in every sense: by offering innovative solutions to customers, bringing genuinely creative and on-trend designs and contributing to a safer and cleaner environment with a sustainable approach.

Inspired by the iconic hexagon, the iD Mixonomi range features 10 compatible geometric shapes and sizes which may be combined in a multitude of layouts, says Tarkett. ‘A striking palette of 33 colours has been created around a central colour theme of bold trend shades, deep complementary hues and metallic highlights.’

All these iD Mixonomi options reportedly work seamlessly with the existing Tarkett iD Inspiration standard plank and tile shapes.

To further inspire signature floor designs, Tarkett says it’s created an online library of patterns and layouts for iD Mixonomi, along with a ‘floor configurator’ and digital visualiser at professionals.tarkett.com/idmixonomi - to help designers create dynamic pattern and colour combinations.

The collection is manufactured using phthalate-free technology which reportedly has several crucial functional benefits such as extremely low VOCs – an important contribution to improved indoor air quality.