Tarkett - new collection, iD Supernature and iD Tattoo

IN June 2018 Tarkett launched its new collection, iD Supernature and iD Tattoo, which was created to reveal the potential of modular vinyl materials for designing remarkable interiors. The combination of iD Supernature and iD Tattoo reportedly allows architects and designers to re-invent flooring through the customisation of modular vinyl, and to design inspirational and sophisticated spaces.

Drawing inspiration from organic sources, iD Supernature offers a selection of subtle textures based on natural materials (like wood, stone) and concrete in 16 shades. ‘The collection builds on Tarkett’s commitment to innovation to ensure a non-repetition pattern of up to 12sq m,’ says Tarkett.

‘With 12 possible formats — including planks and hexagons — architects and designers will have plenty of scope for mixing, matching and customising to achieve unique designs. Within the Mineral tiles range we’ve introduced revolutionary LVT sizes ranging from 50x100cm, 100x100cm to 100x150cm.’

Adding what it describes as yet another layer of customisation, iD Tattoo allows architects and designers to take their designs a step further by combining natural and graphic elements. Architects and designers can choose from a selection of 10 ‘tattoo’ patterns, adding iD Tattoo to their chosen iD Supernature base.

‘This unleashes the potential for extensive personalisation, with the choice of tone-on-tone or colourful renderings,’ says Tarkett. ‘With their ability to be applied all over - rather than being limited to plank-by-plank or tile-by-tile application - iD Tattoo’s patterns are very versatile, giving designers the freedom to let their imagination soar.’

Florian Bougault, art director, at Tarkett EMEA said: ‘From the very beginning, we wanted iD Supernature and iD Tattoo to give more freedom to architects and designers in designing spaces that would feel both authentic and unique at the same time.

‘The combination of the extremely fine natural textures of iD Supernature and the creative graphics of iD Tattoo enable design professionals to create spaces-within-spaces, transitions or pathways in an original, poetic and subtle way.’

With its modularity, extensive library of possible designs and ability to be customised, Tarkett’s new collection is well-suited for a range of industries, says Tarkett. ‘Custom looks based on iD Supernature and iD Tattoo can support brand identity and create unique customer experiences, all within a strong design aesthetic.

‘iD Supernature wood offerings include Garden Oak, a subtle, polished oak chosen for its purity; Park Oak, a more rustic wood, featuring fine knots and cracks; and Forest Oak, a lovely patinaed oak, with a grained finish. The mineral line-up is made up of Belgian Stone, a balanced limestone with gentle inclusions and a matte finish; and Patina Concrete, a nuanced concrete that users will find is both dynamic and smooth.’

For a subtle tone-on-tone effect, architects and designers can choose from iD Supernature’s 16 shades for their tattoo, or ‘spice things up’ by using one of iD Tattoo’s four vibrant colours: Banana, a muted yellow; Cobalt, a lively blue; Jade, a mint green; or Poppy, a pale red.

Tarkett says it continues to build momentum in designing creative modular vinyl collections for interior design professionals following the successful launch of iD Mixonomi, which received a Red Dot Design award in 2017.

iD Supernature and iD Tattoo was developed with a view to marking a new step in modular vinyl, moving forward with fine texture technology and flexible customisation, says Tarkett.

To begin exploring the worlds of iD Supernature and Tattoo today, discover the online configurator at professionals.tarkett.com/idsupernature
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