Tarkett plant at Lenham, Kent

RECENTLY we've seen the increased demand for ‘less institutional’ looking, more design driven and appealing commercial floor finishes. Tarkett Safetred Wood was recently evolved to meet this market development.

There have been three technical enhancements to the product resulting from investment in the UK Tarkett plant at Lenham, Kent. The introduction of its ‘smart particle’ technology has delivered a surface finish with 'a cleaner, more natural looking aspect'.

'New tooling on the line coupled with an improved PU coating recipe has resulted in our best-ever stain and scuff resistance results,' says Tarkett. 'Development of a new ‘super matte’ surface reduces reflective glare – a desirable advantage especially in aged care environments.

'Our research has suggested qualitative, beautiful and healthy floors give people composure and dignity, thus contributing to a positive well-being. Floor design can help people to slow down, to concentrate, to orientate themselves, to have fun and move freely.'

The company says this knowledge will continue to be key in the development of new Safetred products from Tarkett through 2018 and beyond.
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