Tarkett sounds out Texstar

EVERYONE wants their home to be a safe and quiet environment. Too many people today are all too familiar with the issue of being disturbed by noisy neighbours and wish they could reduce the impact of this on their daily lives.

Tarkett’s ‘texstyle'-backed cushion vinyl range, Texstar, has been designed for social housing to provide what’s been described as excellent sound insulation owing to its ‘superior durability and acoustic rating of 19dB, making it suitable for domestic and commercial use’.

Texstar combines 21 ‘fresh and stylish designs with comfort, high performance, and extreme protection, in addition to providing heat insulation for improved warmth and wellbeing’.

Texstar is claimed to deliver quick, easy and stylish solutions for any room in the house and ‘is especially able to cope with wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms due to its extreme protection ‘Grip Effect’.’

With an R10 slip resistance rating, Texstar is seven times more slip-resistant than ordinary vinyl floorcoverings, reportedly delivering excellent protection to every area of the home.

The clever polyester ‘texstyle’ backing means Texstar ‘is perfect for refurbishment projects as it can be loose-laid up to 50m² and will absorb irregularities in the subfloor’.

Available in 4m, 3m, and 2m lengths in a 2.80mm thickness with a 0.35mm wear-layer, Texstar ‘absorbs sounds and noises and helps create a calm and peaceful environment in the home’.

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