The finishing touches

FILA’s surface care range includes 36 sealers and floor-finishes – from stain proofing protectors and dirt repellents, to matt, classic and glossy wax treatments. All solutions are claimed to provide high performance, while safe-guarding personal safety, and many form part of Fila’s award-winning Green Line.

New Green Line treatments include LEED-approved FILAMP90 Eco Plus, which is designed to protect polished porcelain, marble, granite, stone and agglomerates. As well as safety and eco-benefits, the water-based formula can be applied – in just one coat – to surfaces with residual moisture, so it cuts application time by up to 80%.

It’s also GEV-EMICODE EC1PLUS certified and suitable for use on food contact areas.

Also new to the range, Filastop Dirt prevents dirt build-up on textured and unpolished porcelain, making ongoing cleaning faster and easier.

The UV-resistant treatment chemically bonds without leaving a film or altering the material’s original degree of slipperiness - as proven in tests conforming to the BCRA and ASTMC 1028- 2007 methods, and in the English Standard BS 7976 Pendulum tests.

Fila’s range of protectors and dirt repellants are also joined by ‘niche’ treatments, including pre-fixing efflorescence-blocking protector, FILAPW10 and FUGAPROOF, a water-based stain protector for grout joints. Floor finishes also include cream conditioners, nourishing oils and professional crystalliser, Filakristall Plus.
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