The orange revolution

A showcase of some of the most striking orange flooring the industry has to offer

P   OLYFLOR’s Norwegian branch (Polyflor Nordic) supplied Kongsgårdmoen Skole primary school in Kongsberg, Norway with 4,260sq m of Pearlazzo PUR homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring in a total of eight bold and vibrant shades, including the orange Autumn Fire shade.

Said to be hardwearing and easy to maintain Pearlazzo PUR flooring covers classrooms, corridors, staircases and circulation areas around the primary school.

3,640sq m of Acoustifoam flooring was also installed to improve the acoustic performance of the building. This closed cell PVC foam backing sheet with acoustic properties can be used underneath Polyflor vinyl flooring such as Pearlazzo PUR to achieve an impact sound reduction level of 18dB.

Available in 24 contemporary shades including neutrals, pastels and brights, Pearlazzo features tonal chips and pearlescent flakes which are blended and fused into a solid base colour to create what’s described as a distinctive decorative finish.

The Pearlazzo range is said to be popular for education environments owing to the UV-cured and cross-linked polyurethane PUR coating which allows for a simple polish-free maintenance regime and a reduced need for energy, power, water and chemical consumption.

Polyflor says that ‘proving its environmental credentials, the Pearlazzo collection achieves a BRE Global A+ rating in education facilities which can contribute to BREEAM credits’.
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A MIXTURE of red and yellow – red conveying energy and yellow promoting happiness – the colour orange delivers a high degree of positivity. It’s the shade of adventure and social communication.

‘This enthusiastic bright shade is suitable for use in schools where pupils need to be stimulated and motivated – and is particularly suited for athletic and drama facilities, media centres and cafeteria settings,’ says Janet Lowe, marketing manager at Forbo.

However, it’s important to note that too much use of colour can overstimulate pupils and as such, it is best to balance this shade with a complementary cool tone.

‘With this in mind, the best way to inject a splash of orange into any interior design scheme is with the specification of orange flooring, which can be combined with a more neutral wall colour or vice-versa,’ says Janet.

‘There are many flooring collections available on the market that offers orange tones in various materials. However, Forbo’s new homogeneous vinyl collection, Sphera Energetic, reflects the latest education trend colours including bright orange, with low emissions and high LRVs.’

In fact, the phthalate free collection will help contribute to a stimulating, yet healthy indoor environment for any educational establishment.

‘In addition to providing impact sound reduction of up to 19dB, Forbo’s Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl range is also available in various colours from subtle shades to bright pops like orange – allowing contractors to create a contemporary, yet comfortable environment,’ says Janet.

‘However, if a textile floorcovering is required, Forbo’s Westbond carpet tiles can be matched to any Pantone, RAL or NCS shade of orange for a project.’
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