The Preparation Group

THE Preparation Group’s contracting division PPC was recently contracted to prepare 1,940sq m of old concrete ready for painting, in an old engineering building that was being converted into a workshop.

The first stage was to remove 10mm of old oil crud from areas of the slab, for which the company used its 250 grinders fitted with PCD (polycrystalline diamond) plates.

PCDs are said to efficiently remove difficult, sticky substances, adhesives, rubberised and soft thick compounds from concrete and other hard surfaces.

They scrape rather than grind, so don’t generate surface heat that would normally render the material even stickier and result in clogging of the plate.

To enable the new paint coating to adhere, the second stage was to clean the whole surface area using the 400 Shotblaster.
The 400 is claimed to be a high impact, powerful machine that has numerous applications including removing contaminants and lines and preparing asphalt and can be dismantled easily for access into confined spaces.

The project was completed in two days and provided the required surface profile with good adhesion, ready for the application of two coats of paint.
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