The Solid Wood Flooring Company - Offices

THE Solid Wood Flooring Company manufactures engineered floors that can reportedly be used in any environment whatever the traffic. It says its floors are used in hotels, museums, offices, restaurants, retail outlets as well as large residential developments, to name but a few.

The Solid Wood Flooring Company reportedly uses the latest technology for all of its finishes and says even the Snow White floor shown here will last longer than any carpet.

The best flooring surfaces for offices, the company says, are engineered wood floors. They are said to be easy to clean, and do not collect dust or mites like carpets. The company goes on to say diseases can easily be spread through microorganisms found in manmade fibres and other materials used in carpets.

Wood floors are also reportedly more sustainable, coming from renewable sources. The Solid Wood Flooring Company says it is constantly developing new techniques and finishes on their wood flooring.

It also states its client service is the best in the industry as well as its logistics and contractor support.

These wood floors are said to be easy to clean with a professional soap solution that has residual oil to replenish the woods surface.

Snow White Engineered Wood Flooring for The Office Group in Thomas House Victoria London - We were asked by Soda Studios to create a commercial grade finished very white wood floor for one of their designs that had limited natural light in some areas for The Office Group. This floor was installed at the end of 2017 and has been in full use now for more than 6 months. Our special high-grade finishes make maintenance easy and is perfect for high traffic areas.
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