Tilemaster adhesives (1)

Tilemaster’s range reportedly includes fixing materials to suit all tile designs, substrates and settings.  Adhesive options include lightweight, standard, flexible, rapid and semi-rapid formulations, with adhesives specifically formulated for stain-sensitive porous stone and large format tiles. All products are manufactured in the UK and are offered alongside a range of subfloor preparation products, grouts and colour-matched silicones.

For porous stone installations, adhesives include Tilemaster Setaflex Semi-Rapid, said to be an S1-rated flexible adhesive with an extended pot-life of 90-120 minutes and a six-hour set time. The adhesive is designed to prevent staining sensitive natural stones; it can reportedly be applied up to a bed depth of 12mm and is suitable for use on most substrate types, including floors prone to limited movement/vibration, as well as underfloor heating systems. Moisture tolerance and frost resistant features are also said to make it suitable for use outdoors and in wet room environments.

Fast-setting options include Tilemaster thick bed Flexi-Rapid, which is suitable for large-format ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo and natural stone tiles. The pourable, rapid-set adhesive is designed for solid-bed installations up to 25mm in depth; it can reportedly be used with most substrate types, inside and outdoors, where it is resistant to frost, and in wet environments. After fixing, Tilemaster says surfaces can be walked on and grouted after just three hours.

For finishing, Tilemaster’s Grout 3000 and Silicone 3000 ranges include fourteen colour-matched shades from pure white to charcoal. The grouts are said to have a flexible mould and water-resistant formulation, a working time of around 45-60 minutes and can be used for joint widths from 2mm-15mm. Matching silicones have a premium, low modulus, neutral cure and mould-resistant formulation, suitable for bathroom, kitchen and wet environments, the company adds.
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