Tilemaster Adhesives (2)

A FIRM, level and dry subfloor is an essential part of a good wood floor installation. Many projects require a stronger levelling compound, which can accommodate the higher forces exerted between the substrate and the timber, caused by thermal expansion and contraction, and moisture. Tilemaster Adhesives’ range includes ‘three water-based levellers’, which the company says combines strength with excellent self-levelling properties and fast-setting features.

‘The quickest drying option is ultra-rapid setting Rapid Level 30,’ says Tilemaster. ‘This flexible screed features advanced binder technology and selected additives, and it can be applied from 2-15mm in one pour.

‘Rapid Level 30 can have timber installed onto the surface after 24 hours. However, it’s ready to receive foot traffic after just 30 minutes, meaning any environment where it’s applied isn’t out of use for any more than half-an-hour at a time.

‘FineFlow 3000 and LevelFlex each provide different properties: FineFlow 3000 is a ‘heavy duty’ compound with exceptional flow and smoothing properties. It can be applied from featheredge to 20mm in one pour and is foot-ready after three hours. LevelFlex is a fibre-reinforced option, so can be poured to greater depths of up to 50mm in one application. It too can be walked on after three hours and timber can be installed onto both screeds after 24 hours.

Underfloor heating is often specified alongside engineered wood and each of the three screeds can be used with wet capillary systems, and to encapsulate electric underfloor heating elements.

In all wood floor installations, moisture readings should be taken to ensure that any screed applied is sufficiently dry and suitable for installation, particularly when compounds have been poured at greater depths.
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