Tilemaster Adhesives - vinyl and LVT

TILEMASTER Adhesives’ flooring products range includes various smoothing compounds for subfloor preparation prior to installing LVT/vinyl and other resilient flooring.

Designed for projects where surface finish is imperative, the range includes water-based and bag-and-bottle products, with various working and setting times.

Products are offered from reportedly extensive UK stock and alongside expert advice from Tilemaster’s hands-on technical team.

Bag & bottle smoothing compounds include ultra-rapid setting Super Flow 30 and rapid setting Pro Flow. Both products are moisture tolerant and can be applied directly to a DPM within 24 hours without priming, and over old adhesive residues and flooring grade asphalt/bitumen.

Super Flow 30 has a walk-on time of 30 minutes; the finished flooring can be installed after 90 minutes and the product is suitable for depths up to 15mm in one pour. Pro Flow gives a longer working time of about 30 minutes, it will accept foot traffic after 90 minutes, has an installation time of between three to four hours and the product can be apparently applied to a depth of 12mm in one pour.

Water-based options such as FineFlow 3000 and Rapid Level 30 extend the offering of products designed to give a superb surface finish.

FineFlow 3000 provides a ‘heavy duty’ option, with what’s claimed to be exceptional flow and smoothing properties, that can be applied from featheredge to 20mm in a single application.

Ultra-rapid setting Rapid Level 30 is a flexible water-based smoothing compound that can be applied from 2-15mm in one application. Vinyl floorcoverings can be installed after 90 minutes, with the product accepting foot traffic after 30 minutes.
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