Tilemaster adhesives

TILEMASTER’s adhesives range has been developed to help solve challenges faced by tiling and flooring contractors, promoting what the company describes as a fast and easy installation.

In direct response to customer feedback, the range is said to include adhesives for all substrates and floor finishes – from large format porcelain tiles, to natural stone slabs. It’s also said to provide options for all setting and location requirements, from highly flexible rapid-set adhesives, for surfaces subjected to movement, to eco-formulations that give an extended open time and provide more than 60% higher coverage.

Within the range, Tilemaster offers eight fast setting cement-based adhesives, each with an individual technical formulation but which can all be walked on and grouted in three hours. They include Rapid Set, Rapid Setaflex, Ultimate, Light Weight Rapid, Rapid Extrabond, Trade Flexi Rapid, Thick Bed FlexiRapid and Gypsum-based Anhyfix.

For sensitive materials and intricate stone projects, the range includes Setaflex Semi-Rapid, which has a pot-life of 90-120 minutes, but still accepts foot traffic and grouting after six hours.

Where longer working times are required, adhesives with an extended ‘pot life’ of between 3-4 hours include Standard Set, Standard Setaflex, Light Weight Standard and Standard Set Extrabond.

Products are featured in Tilemaster’s pocket-sized Product Guide and comprehensive lever arch Product Guide, which includes concise product and application data printed on ‘robust, wipeable inserts for onsite reference’.  

Tilemaster adhesives are offered alongside a range of user-friendly grouts and floor preparation products, for all types of substrate. All products are manufactured in accordance with current EU legislation.
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