Tilemaster - flooring in retail and shopping areas

FLOOR installation in retail environments can be challenging. Timescales need to be as short as possible, to minimise downtime, disruption to customers and associated lost revenue. In response, Tilemaster says it offers a range of preparation products that help speed installation and tackle retail fit-out issues.

For floors, stairs and risers that need to be repaired before a screed can be applied, Tilemaster’s Rapid Repair Mortar provides what it describes as a fast-track solution. It’s designed for depths of 2-20mm and can be installed over after 90 minutes. For greater depths of up to 50mm, it can also be bulked out with Grano Chippings or Sharp Sand; suitable for filling voids and channels around pipework and cables, and for forming ramps.

To level surfaces, Tilemaster Super Flow 30 offers a range of benefits that also help speed floor installations. The ultra-rapid setting leveller is foot-traffic ready after just 30 minutes, so essential areas like walkways, access points, kitchens and WC’s can be put back into service between downtime and installation.

Flooring products, including vinyl and laminate, can then be installed after 90 minutes’ drying time. ‘Super Flow 30 also has excellent flow and adhesion properties; it creates a mirror like blemish-free surface, without the need to spike roll or feather,’ says Tilemaster. ‘The fast-track screed is also moisture tolerant, so it’s ideal for pre-smoothing below an epoxy DPM, such as Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM.’

Tilemaster products are made in the UK and are offered alongside advice from the technical team, based in Lancashire.
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