Tilemaster products (1)

TILEMASTER’S product range includes two floor preparation products for use prior to installing all types of entrance matting, from synthetic to stainless steel, in exterior and interior entrances and circulation areas.

Tilemaster Rapid Level 30 is a water-based levelling and smoothing compound that can reportedly be used on most substrates, from concrete to timber, and Super Flow 30 is a latex-based/2 part moisture-tolerant option, which can also be used across a range of subfloors, Tilemaster says. Both products are claimed to provide a fast-track preparation, onto which all types of floor finish can be applied after 90 minutes.

Each Tilemaster formulation is said to be protein-free and reportedly features advanced binder system technology, which is said to give superior flow, self-levelling and rapid drying properties with an exceptional surface finish. The products can reportedly be applied from depths of 2mm - 15mm in one pour and the rapid drying properties allow for light foot traffic after 30 minutes. In addition, Tilemaster says Super Flow 30 can be used to pre-smooth before installing a DPM and it can be applied over old adhesive residues, including bitumen. It can also be applied directly to a liquid DPM, amongst other substrates, without the need to prime.

Tilemaster’s floor levelling compounds form just part of the company's product range, including tile adhesives and grouts. All products are manufactured in Leyland, Lancashire, in accordance with current EU legislation, and are offered alongside advice from Tilemaster’s technical support team.
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