Tilemaster - social housing

TILEMASTER Super Flow 30 provides a suitable fast-track leveller for social housing projects. In an environment where speed is of the essence, and disruption needs to be minimised, this reportedly ultra-rapid setting screed allows the contractor to ‘rip up, prepare and relay’ all in the same day, says Tilemaster.

Like all Tilemaster products, Super Flow 30 has been developed to meet specific on-site demands. The two-part bag and bottle system is reportedly suitable for all substrate types, including timber and floors with underfloor heating systems, as well as for solid substrates such as concrete and sand/cement screed.

Tilemaster says it has a low-odour, protein-free and moisture tolerant formulation and provides excellent flow and adhesion properties. The mixed screed reportedly creates a mirror like blemish-free surface, without the need to spike roll or feather, and the company adds the screed’s ultra-rapid setting properties mean that all types of finished flooring can be laid after 90 minutes.  

Super Flow 30 can reportedly be applied directly over old adhesive residues, flooring grade asphalt/bitumen and liquid DPM’s without the need to prime. It can also be used as a primer-less system and to pre-smooth before applying an epoxy DPM, such as Tilemaster fast one coat DPM.

All Tilemaster products are made in the UK, with advice offered by the technical team, based in Lancashire.
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