Treadsure - Offices

A FLOOR-SAFETY, risk assessment service which identifies potential slip and fall hazards and provides full reports, expert advice and practical help if required for their prevention, has been introduced by Arkad Health & Safety, producers of Treadsure, the flooring traction enhancement solution.

An independent, professional slip-testing inspection checks if businesses or owners of any area where there is footfall meet legally required standards, helping them to avoid injury to users and possible resultant law suits.

The Treadsure slip-test service uses specialist equipment approved by the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and British standards; an authorised safety certificate is issued where surfaces conform or, if it is clear that slip hazards exist, full suggested remedial advice is given.

The company also offers a surface deep-cleaning service, essential before any anti-slip products are applied, which is said to prolong floor life, help in restoration and provide an hygienic safe environment.
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