Tritty 200 Aqua from Haro

WITH the Tritty 200 Aqua, Haro says it’s extending its laminate floor range. The new range is ‘an all-rounder that’s especially appealing to the eye and durable underfoot – and is suitable for installation in the kitchen or bathroom’.

Laminate floors, says Haro, have made a name for themselves primarily because of the beautiful wood styles. ‘This is probably the simplest installation system and the quietest laminate floor in the world.’
Now, says Haro, the new Tritty 200 Aqua now offers even more top-class selling points.

‘Owing to a level of use of 23/33, it’s suitable for walking surfaces that are subject to especially heavy wear-and-tear, such as hallways or entrance areas, and is also the perfect choice for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

‘Haro partners can thus also impress even the most discerning customers who are looking for just one floorcovering for the entire apartment or house.’

The Tritty 200 Aqua is available for Haro retailers in six sought-after oak styles – from light to especially warm brown shades, ‘everyone’s ideal colour is offered’.

A new addition to the range is the Oak Sicilia style – ‘an especially natural wood look, which casts its spell over all onlookers thanks to its intensive colour play’.

Yet another sales argument, claims Haro, is provided by the authentic surface with its ‘synchronously embossed wood feel and the especially matt appearance, the most in-demand type of surface design at present. This creates a particularly distinctive look in the Plank 1-Strip 4V and Gran Via 4V XL board formats currently available for selection’.

When it comes to advising customers with especially technical demands, Haro retailers can also, the company says, offer the best. That’s because Tritty 200 Aqua is fitted with the special moisture-control AquaReject core-board, making it suitable for installation in wet areas.

Just how resilient the new laminate floor is can be seen from its level of use of 23/33 and its classification in the abrasion class AC 5, says Haro.

‘Naturally the ‘newcomer’ also benefits from the best proven features that have already long since inspired Haro customers. For example, the laminated insulation underlay Silent Pro is available on request or customers can choose the Silent CT variant, which has made Haro known for being the quietest laminate floor in the world.’

Haro says it goes without saying that the Tritty 200 Aqua has also been honoured with the Blue Angel as a 100% healthy living product which couldn’t be easier to install owing to the Top Connect installation system.

Furthermore, Haro adds, the advantages of the range impress even the most demanding customers.

‘A series of wide-ranging marketing measures are being rolled out to launch the Tritty 200 Aqua to a broad spread of potential customers.

‘Attractive displays will be available for HARO partners as well as individual sample swatches and folders for successful product presentation.

‘Above all, however, it’s the absolutely convincing sales arguments that our Haro partners are set to benefit from.’

According to Haro, these are the sales arguments:

  • Quality laminate floor – now also available for wet areas
  • Extremely durable (level of use 23/33, abrasion class AC 5)
  • Easy installation with Top Connect installation system
  • Available with Silent CT technology, making it the quietest laminate floor in the world
  • Awarded the Blue Angel for its healthy living properties
  • Plank 1-Strip 4V or space-enlarging Gran Via 4V
  • Six strong oak styles, including the new ‘Oak Sicilia’
  • Trendy, authentic surface in matt look

The company says its partners can enjoy the benefits of a laminate floor that ensures an authentic look with the most beautiful wood styles in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms too. ‘And which - thanks to its robust properties - is ideal for every room – naturally also for commercial applications,’ the company concludes.
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