UltraFloor - Levelling compounds

ULTRAFLOOR, part of the Instarmac Group plc, is ‘delighted’ to announce the launch of Level IT Renovate, which it says is a flexible and versatile smoothing underlayment suitable for refurbishment projects.

Developed for the renovation of existing floors, UltraFloor’s latest smoothing underlayment is said to be fibre reinforced for added strength and to minimise the risk of hairline cracks, reducing a common cause of costly failures.

Reportedly suitable for deep applications from 3-40mm, Level IT Renovate is multi-purpose for extensive use and boasts ‘excellent’ flow properties, making this floor leveller ideal for a wide range of flooring substrates, says UltraFloor.

Level IT Renovate is a single part smoothing underlayment, offering a unique alternative within the UltraFloor range, and is suitable for use over most strong and stable subfloors, which makes this semi-rapid fibre reinforced floor leveller perfect for both commercial and domestic applications.

In addition, Level IT Renovate is protein free, reducing the risk and spread of bacteria, and is low odour providing a pleasant environment for contractors, homeowners and any staff working within the project area.

Level IT Renovate has a working time of 20-30 minutes, can reportedly be walked on in as little as 2–2.5 hours and receive floor coverings in just 4 hours, allowing contractors to move on to another project quickly.

Sold in 20kg bags, Level IT Renovate is said to be compatible with underfloor heating systems and is delivered on UltraFloor’s privately owned, FORS Silver accredited fleet, 48 bags to a pallet.
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