Underfloor heating - Tilemaster Adhesives

TILEMASTER Adhesives says it offers a range of products suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. Products are manufactured in Lancashire and are reportedly offered alongside expert advice and back-up from Tilemaster’s technical team.

For floor preparation, where ‘excellent flow and surface finish is paramount, best-selling flexible flooring compounds include Tilemaster Rapid Level 30 and Tilemaster LevelFlex’.

The company continues: ‘Both products are suitable for encapsulating electric UFH elements and for use over ‘wet’ underfloor heated screeds.

‘Rapid Level 30 is an ultra-rapid setting, water-based compound, that can be poured at depths from 2-15mm. Its setting properties allow the screed to be walked on in as little as 30 minutes and tiled after 45-60 minutes. LevelFlex is a fast-setting, flexible, fibre reinforced flooring compound.

‘It has excellent flexibility and strength, with the added advantage of being able to be poured up to 50mm bed depth in one application.

‘For heated substrates and tiles that require an uncoupling membrane, Tilemaster Anti-Fracture Mat provides an ideal solution. Less than 1mm thick, the high-performance membrane has a three-layer construction that absorbs lateral movement and bridges any hairline shrinkage cracks within the substrate.’

Tilemaster Adhesives’ range also includes various flexible tile adhesives compatible with UFH systems. New additions include Tilemaster Magix – a reportedly polymer-modified, S1 flexible, high-yield cement-based floor and wall tile adhesive.

‘Magix is available in white and grey, and rapid and standard setting versions, the latter offering a 16-hour set. Other options include Tilemaster Setaflex, which is offered in three different setting options – Standard Set Setaflex, Semi-Rapid Setaflex and Rapid Setaflex.’

To finish the installation, Tilemaster Grout 3000 can be used to grout joints from 2-15mm and is currently available in 14 different colour options. This flexible grout comprises more than 25% recycled materials and is suitable to use with all types of tile.’
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