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NOBODY wants to study in a noisy room. Think what a library would be like if everybody was trudging around on wooden floors or ceramic tiles? Noise is increasingly becoming a problem in schools and other learning environments, it most definitely affects the audibility of speech. There’s no doubt the effects of noise hamper learning opportunities for learners.

While at school children are exposed to various types of noise including external, environmental noise and noise generated within the classroom. Previous research has shown noise has detrimental effects on children's performance at school, including reduced memory, motivation, and reading ability. In England and Wales, children's academic performance is assessed using standardized tests of literacy, mathematics, and science.

A recent study was conducted to examine the impact, if any, of chronic exposure to internal noise on the test results of children. Test scores were affected by internal classroom noise, background levels being significantly related to test results. It stands to reason a noisy classroom is unhelpful when it comes to providing pupils and students with an environment conducive to learning.

‘A perfect option when specifying fresh new environments for a host of projects where noise and comfort levels are crucial is Taralay Premium Comfort from Gerflor,’ says the company.

‘Taralay Premium Comfort provides a solution for heavy traffic areas with a wearlayer of 1mm, with no filler for outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance. The range is also available as an acoustic version, Taralay Premium Comfort also delivers high acoustic performance (17dB) and has an indentation resistance to 0.06mm.

‘It has a double glass fibre grid plus VHD foam backing. Taralay Premium Comfort is also protected by the UV cured patented surface treatment Protecsol 2 from Gerflor which enables easy maintenance and eliminates the need for acrylic emulsion. Taralay Premium Comfort has a long- lasting appearance where the design remains within the whole thickness of the wear layer and provides higher indoor air quality => TVOC <10µg/m3.’

The new 2018 Taralay Premium range offers a range of colours while magnifying the ‘raw material’ aspect of the Taralay Premium floor. The Osmoz, Indiana, Brazilia and Metallica colours are maintained in the new range with Gerflor adding 18 new trendy colours.

‘Two new designs have also been added- Poesy & Neopolis. The colours have also been linked-up between Taralay Premium and Gerflor’s new Taralay Impression range with 15 common colours between Taralay Premium and Gerflor’s Attraction range. Colours can be specified using Gerflor’s unique MyTaralay service.’

Gerflor says that with more than 70 years’ experience of innovation driven by investment, it’s one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of vinyl flooring. It adds that it specialises in the education sector, offering high performance solutions that combine technical and design characteristics for any room within the facility.

‘The design of our products support studying in the best environment possible with acoustic qualities being part of the mandatory characteristics for this market.’

In 1990, a greatly expanded Watford Grammar School for Boys became a grant-maintained school controlled by its own governing body. It’s a success story borne out of forward-thinking and planning. Over the years Watford Grammar has required a high-quality level of refurbishment that has had to be sympathetic in design yet provide futureproof solutions that can make the grade.

The most recent development has been 500sq m of flooring installed in the school laboratories on the ground and first floors. This was a perfect opportunity for the Taralay Premium Comfort product manufactured and supplied by Gerflor to really make a difference to the school’s environment by supplying an acoustic solution that could deliver quieter locations for the students.

In developing part of the school’s infrastructure to the next level they would ultimately need to choose a main contractor who could deliver quality – in a timely manner.

Andrew Morris, business development director from Ashe Construction said: ‘There was a requirement for a STEM centre for Watford Grammar School.’ He went on to add: ‘We specified Gerflor’s Taralay Premium Comfort. It was a great fit for the project.’

On the question of specification Andrew Morris went on to further say: ‘Gerflor has a great reputation for robustness and quality in this particular sector. Gerflor is also known to be very reliable when it comes to this kind of installation method.

‘We’ve specified Gerflor many times and would have no qualms in choosing their products again.’
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