Unique Bathrooms & Tiles and UltraTile

ANOTHER tiling installation has been completed between Unique Bathrooms & Tiles and UltraTile. This longstanding partnership reportedly has a large back catalogue of projects and Unique Bathrooms & Tiles is said to now only use UltraTile materials for its work.

Porcelain tiles were fixed to the walls and floors in this bathroom using sister adhesives, ProFlex SP and ProFlex SP+ES. Both boast S1 classified flexibility for use on timber floors and with underfloor heating.

ProFlex SP is rapid-setting and allows a working time of 60 minutes, setting at 2.5 hours after application. ProFlex SP+ES has an extended open time of two hours and the product sets in 16 hours.

Both are available in a grey or white, and may be used internally or externally.

The bathroom was grouted using UltraTile’s grout, FlexJoint.

Complimenting the tiles, colour shade Titanium was selected. FlexJoint has been formulated and polymer modified for tiles with joint widths of up to 20mm, and for most tile types and applications.

It’s claimed to have excellent joint filling properties and a ‘super fine’ texture, allowing for joints to be filled in one simple application making it a suitable choice for fixers, and providing a smooth, non-coarse finish.

The product has an efflorescence-free formulation for consistency of colour and is said to be mould-resistant and water-repellent for a durable hygienic finish. 

To add a final finish and complete watertight seal, UltraTile ProSeal IT silicone in matching Titanium was applied to all sanitary joints.

The product is said to be fully ISO compliant and boasts non-shrink high flexibility. Suitable for various sanitary and construction joint applications, this sealant reportedly accommodates high movement and temperature changes.
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