Uzin and Peterborough Regional College

VARIOUS Uzin products were used to renovate the flooring in the reception at Peterborough Regional College.

The flooring contractor, Superior Finish Contracts was appointed to remove the old wood block flooring and install the new LVTs after a burst pipe flooded the reception. As the college provides education and training to over 10,000 students and businesses a year, it was extremely important the new floor could withstand the heavy footfall.

With many LVT manufacturers requiring at least a 25 N compressive strength smoothing compound it was also important the correct products were used. Low strength smoothing compounds are susceptible to indentations that will mirror in the floorcovering, especially if there’s heavy traffic and trolley transportation

Uzin NC 150 smoothing compound has a high compressive strength of 25 N and produces a fantastic finish so was suitable for use in the college’s reception. The old wood block flooring was first removed by the college.

Superior Finish Contracts then heavily scarified the subfloor before applying two coats of Uzin PE 414 DPM, followed by a coat of fine sand.

Uzin Deep Fill was then used to infill these areas, followed by Uzin PE 360 primer and a finishing coat of UZIN NC 150. The LVT flooring was then installed with Uzin KE 2000 S, a low emission pressure sensitive adhesive.

Carpet tiles were also installed in the entrance using Uzin U 2100 tackifier. The floor was exceptionally finished by Superior Finish Contracts and by using a Uzin system, Peterborough Regional College will reportedly benefit from a more durable floor which can tolerate the large amount of foot traffic.
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