Uzin and Unipart Group

UNIPART Group in Cowley encountered numerous difficulties when installing resin floors over an old asphalt substrate, so a Uzin & Arturo system was specified as a solution.

Asphalt expands and contracts in different temperatures, so can often force floorcoverings to de-bond.

The new floor also needed to withstand industrial and foot traffic. The Unipart Group also wished to create a 1,000sq m ‘showpiece’ area for displaying to clients, that provided a seamless, durable finish, which could be guaranteed for several years.

The flooring contractor Zenith Pola Flooring turned to Uzin for a specification. FM 30 industrial top was first used in conjunction with RR 201 reinforcement fleece.

This provided the strength required to work on the asphalt substrate and provided a suitable base for the resin finish.

An Arturo resin system was then installed to produce a completely seamless, low maintenance, hardwearing finish.

The project was completed on schedule and without problems. Roy Fraser from Unipart said: ‘The specification allowed us to refurbish our floor without the need for prolonged shutdown. We’re extremely happy with the service provided throughout the project and with the finish of the floor.’
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