Uzin - Levelling compounds

UZIN says it strives to make flooring installations simpler and quicker. It has therefore improved its range of smoothing compounds with the launch of three new products. The most innovative, the company says, is Uzin NC 111 BiColor, an intelligent smoothing compound which changes colour to indicate when to install the floor covering. Thanks to the colour transformation, flooring contractors can see when to install the floor covering as the colour changes from green (when wet) to salmon (when dry). The company has also launched a reportedly cost effective fibre-reinforced smoothing compound Uzin NC 196 and Uzin NC 105, a new gypsum based smoothing compound. All Uzin products have reportedly been developed in close cooperation with its customers to provide floor contractors with ‘exceptional quality which is easy to use’. This also ensures its products are reliable and produce outstanding results, the company says.
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