Uzin - refurbishment

UZIN NC 163 is claimed to be a revolutionary water-mix smoothing compound which, it’s said, can help save time and money when refurbishing. Uzin NC 163 can reportedly be used without priming on common substrates such as concrete and cement as well as over old waterproof adhesives residues such as bitumen, if hard, sound and well-bonded to the substrate.

It can also be used over most ceramic tiles so is suitable for many refurbishment projects. This is owing to what is described as its extremely high flexural strength of 10 N. It’s also said to have a compressive strength of 30 N making it suitable for use in commercial areas.

In addition, it’s reported that it’s ready to receive foot traffic after two-and-a-half hours and most floorcoverings can be installed in 20 hours. It’s claimed to be easy to sand down and flows ‘exceptionally well’, according to the company.
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