Uzin system

WAITING for damp anhydrite screeds to dry is now a thing of the past. With Uzin’s system, calcium sulphate screeds can, it’s claimed, be permanently protected against residual moisture up to 95% RH (or up to 90% RH when underfloor heating is present).

The system apparently allows projects to be completed much quicker and avoids long delays. It’s essential surface laitance is removed to expose the screed aggregate. Two coats of Uzin PE 425 penetrating primer are then applied to reinforce the anhydrite screed.

Once dry two coats of Uzin PE 404 DPM are installed followed by a coat of Uzin PE 280 primer. This creates a barrier between the screed and the smoothing compound so flooring contractors aren’t limited to only using gypsum-based smoothing compounds.

After a smoothing compound is installed a floorcovering can be laid with a suitable Uzin adhesive.

Whether you have a standard or commercial project in any interior area, the system is suitable for protecting against residual substrate moisture up to 95% RH (or if underfloor heating is present up to 90% relative humidity).

This enables time to be saved and avoids problems when installing onto anhydrite screeds.
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