WH Surface Preparation

DO you have a liquid screed floor (anhydrate) that has been poured in the past seven days? Are the requirements to remove the surface skin (laitance) as recommended by the manufactures before the surface can be overlaid?

Fortunately, the answer to these questions are much less of an issue than many contractors imagine. Use an electric 110v single-head 17in rotary machine via a 5 kva transformer that connects directly to a 240v mains outlet and uses double-sided silicon carbide sanding discs.

This problematic skin (laitance) can be easily removed enabling the screed to dry out naturally and provide a good keyed surface to bond to. Dust control can be supplied if required and can also be used afterwards to thoroughly clean the surface.

However, some screeds that have gone beyond their seven-day window can become very hard and preparation of the surface becomes a little more difficult. This situation can lead to the need for a more robust machine and consumables.

A small triple head (planetary) grinder with diamond tooling is often specified. The planetary action of the heads helping maintain a flat even floor combined with quality diamond tooling normally brings the preparation process to a successful conclusion.
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