Wood - Berry Alloc

THERE was a time when the flooring market, unlike that of ceramics and natural stone, was a question of either this, or that, or the other. ‘With respect to both manufacturers and suppliers, there were specialists in parquet and wooden floors, almost all of whom set the diversification movement in motion from exclusively solid to solid and multilayer,’ says Berry Alloc.

‘Somewhat later, we saw the emergence of the first laminate producers. At that time, the market in textile and flexible floorcoverings was something of a sleeping, yet lasting figure which continued to account for a good portion of surface area in dwellings.

‘Today, we’re witnessing a time of synergy whereby many manufacturers and suppliers are moving towards a one-stop-shop. Only a few have everything, but several offer various floorcovering alternatives.’

Cassandra Pyck, product manager at Berry Alloc, believes this variety in the range is also essential for parquet floor-fitters. She says: ‘It enables them to respond to the specific needs of many clients. ‘Those needs vary as regards budget, interior style, finish, and technology.’

She doesn’t share the fear that such diversification involves a risk of cannibalism: ‘Berry Alloc is a manufacturer of laminate, LVT, and parquet. For a few years now, we’ve seen strong growth on the LVT market owing to the benefits as regards transport, the easy fitting, and its modern look.

‘At the same time, the noble parquet market remains stable and laminate continues to charm clients with its design options and technological innovations.’

They also realise here that the combination of an advancing renovation market and the crumbling initial resistance of DIY enthusiasts means a boost for the entire market.

Elements which simplify the fitting, such as click systems, were once perhaps an advantage for ‘some’ specific’ floorcoverings, but parquet at Berry Alloc is also equipped with this system, the company says.

‘One thing’s for sure: The sellers of all those floorcoverings must continue to innovate in looks, design, surface technology, suitability of the various materials (such as in damp rooms) etc.

Cassandra says: ‘Wood will always play a major part in the field of decors because it’s a traditional material which offers confidence and peace of mind.’

The company says: ‘Acting in word and deed, Berry Alloc is presenting a completely innovative range with new and high-end designs, so it’s not possible to distinguish laminate floors from genuine traditional hardwood.’

‘We’ve also invested to that end so we’re now in a position to scan wood decors and reproduce them in such a way that they look real as regards grain and (deeper) embossing,’ says Cassandra.

The company concludes: ‘In view of the trend, it’s no surprise these floors are given an extra matt finish, which helps give them a deep, luxurious elegance. In other words, the future is for those who continue to invest in progress.’