Wood - F Ball

WHEN preparing a subfloor ahead of the installation of new floorcoverings, it’s essential to check the subfloor is dry enough; excess subfloor moisture can rise to the level of floorcoverings and potentially cause complete floor failure.

This is never more important than when installing wood floorcoverings, which are particularly susceptible to moisture. A moisture measurement test should be conducted to determine subfloor moisture levels.

Normally, a waterproof surface membrane will be required to suppress excess subfloor moisture where a moisture test indicates subfloor relative humidity (RH) levels are above 75%.

When installing wood floorcoverings, it’s recommended a waterproof surface membrane is applied where subfloor RH levels are as low as 65%.

Contractors should always refer to the wood floorcovering manufacturer for their recommendations.

F Ball & Co says it has two timesaving options for when a moisture management solution is required. Stopgap F77 waterproof surface membrane is a two-part system, epoxy resin system, which is applied in a single coat. It’s said to fully cure in as little as three hours and will isolate residual construction moisture or rising damp where relative humidity values are up to 98%.

For an even quicker way to create a barrier against residual construction moisture where RH values are up to 95%, there’s Stopgap F78, a one-component system, which is applied in two coats, requiring 15-20 minutes curing time for the first and a further 30 minutes for the second.

It has a long shelf-life and is supplied in a plastic bottle, which can be resealed and stored for future use.
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